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Gov. Bob McDonnell’s Problem


Apparently Virginia governor Bob McDonnell’s cabinet officials signed off on the new licensing regulations that would drive religious adoption agencies out of business unless they agree to place children without regard to sexual orientation — or family status. Even a weak preference for married couples would become illegal.

This is the message Delegate Bob Marshall is sending out:

Your state government is in the final stages of adopting regulations that would compel state-licensed private and church-run adoption agencies to place children for adoption or foster care with homosexual couples or individuals.

There is still a chance to stop this. If you object to this maneuver by remaining members of Gov. Tim Kaine’s Administration in the Virginia Department of Social Services, please take a moment to let the Governor know. Your input is critical to ensuring that these radical anti-family proposals are rejected.

I understand Governor McDonnell’s office now realizes this change is a problem. But Governor’s McDonnell’s staff previously signed off on these adoption changes on 12/28/10, his Secretary of Health signed off on 7/19/10, Department of Planning and Budget signed off on 2/19/10 and former Attorney General’s office signed off on 12/14/09, according to Virginia’s official Regulatory Town Hall website [deactivated when the public comment period ended April 1, 2011].

Governor McDonnell can still weigh in on the homosexual adoption regulations and propose an amendment, but he only has 15 days from April 1 to act. Virginia law (§ 2.2-4013) provides that: “. . . The Governor shall transmit his comments . . . on a proposed regulation to the . . . agency no later than fifteen days following the completion of the public comment period . . . The Governor may recommend amendments or modifications to any regulation that would bring that regulation into conformity with statutory authority or state or federal laws, regulations or judicial decisions. . . .

If the proposed regulations are approved, private, church-run agencies would be required to process adoption applications from same-sex couples and would be prohibited from considering the couple’s sexual orientation as a reason to refuse placement of a child in their home. The changes were published in a 293 page document, which was found at the now deactivated website.

Note: Approving these regulations was one of the last dying acts of the last attorney general. Ken Cuccinelli has not signed off. The lawful basis for imposing these requirements as a condition of licensing is quite unclear.


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