Walker Talks Prosser

by Robert Costa

Over on the home page, Governor Walker chats with National Review Online:

As he prepares to watch tonight’s returns, Walker says that he is ready for whatever happens next. Should Kloppenburg end up in a black robe by summer, and the budget-repair bill is overturned, Walker pledges to re-pass the legislation.

As he leans forward at his desk, Walker makes a final promise: If an activist, partisan court tangles with the people’s business, he will punch back.

“If you believe in the separation of powers, the courts should be about calling balls and strikes, as Justice Roberts once said,” he says. “They shouldn’t be about putting the rulebook together. That is what the governor and the legislature do.”

“In the worst-case scenario, if you had something like that, you’d have to come back and pass it in a different way,” he adds. “In the end, the bigger question, if it ultimately got to the court, is whether the justices will draw it out and hope the legislature will act.”

Walker, for the moment, won’t show more of his cards, though he asserts that his bill will survive whatever the Left throws at it, from supreme-court politicking to state-senate recalls.

He also discusses Mitch Daniels, JoAnne Kloppenburg, and more here.

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