by Andrew C. McCarthy

Senator Lindsey Graham, who was for Qaddafi before he was against him, has gotten a well deserved thrashing here the last few days for suggesting a Koran exemption from the First Amendment. My column from yesterday takes issue with another of his latest brainstorms, the notion that President Obama can label Qaddafi an “unlawful enemy combatant” so U.S.forces can kill him, perhaps with the assistance of intelligence operatives Obama has placed on the ground in Libya. Sounds like a great idea . . . except for the fact that an executive order forbids assassinations of heads of state; the executive order specifically forbids intelligence officers from planning or participating in such assassinations; Congress has not authorized a war against Libya (the principal purpose of Congress’s power to declare war is to fix the rights and privileges of combatants); and — under a law Senator Graham helped write — Qaddafi does not qualify as a combatant, as an enemy, or as unlawful. Oh details, details . . .

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