Ah, The New Tone

by Jonah Goldberg

I was reading a story about Democratic messaging over at the aptly named Talking Points Memo site. Among the comments I found this suggestion from a commenter for what Obama should say:

Obama: I will skull#### the rotting corpse of Paul Ryan, drink the blood of the print shop employees responsible for printing this abomination, publicly mutilate the genitals of any analyst found responsible for it, and order tactical nuclear strikes against districts whose congressmen votes for it. I will then deport the children of any who speak of it again to Antarctica, and grind up the bodies of their parents as dog food for Bo. When this bloodbath is complete, the earth of those that paid this ultimate price for their treachery will be salted.How’s that?

Of course, this guy’s just joking around and there are comment-trolls across the ideological spectrum. But I do like how not too long ago liberals — like those found over at TPM — were caterwauling about how Sarah Palin’s “targets” on a congressional map had led to a murder-spree.

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