Kloppenburg Declares Victory, Clings to 206 Vote Lead

by Daniel Foster

Liberal favorite JoAnne Kloppenburg is clinging to a razor-thin 206 vote lead over incumbent David Prosser in the battle for the Wisconsin supreme court — and perhaps the future of Gov. Scott Walker’s political agenda.

With just a single precinct still left uncounted, Kloppenburg leads Prosser 739,711 votes to 739,505. Kloppenburg has declared victory, but a recount is all but certain to follow.

Considering the time and money spent by outside labor and progressive groups to unseat a nominally non-partisan supreme court justice in an effort to flip a 4-3 “conservative” majority on the state’s supreme court, the Madison protesters’ assertion that the duly elected Republicans, who control the executive and both houses of the legislature, have “stolen democracy” by reforming bargaining laws through the regular majoritarian order — well, it rings a bit hollow, doesn’t it?

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