Not So Pretty in Pink: Planned Parenthood Gets Its Raunch On

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

As Planned Parenthood floods Capitol Hill today, it is worth asking: Whatever would Planned Parenthood do without federal funding?

As the Chiaroscuro Foundation has pointed out, excluding government grants and contracts, Planned Parenthood affiliates brought in $634 million in revenue in their fiscal year 2008–2009.

I suppose when they give their clinics higher abortion goals — as they have been wont to do — the abortion business will blame the increased abortion mandate on John Boehner. But too many people are paying attention now to let that fly.

If Planned Parenthood were to stop receiving federal funding (as the House voted earlier this year, for the remainder of the year), they could fundraise. They know how to do that. And they’re not always as pretty in pink as they’ll be today as they rally for taxpayer money on the Hill. When they go back to New York to fundraise, they might return to the Museum of Sex, where Planned Parenthood of NYC has held “Summer, Sex and Spirits.” 

Complete with silent-auction opportunities for Boudoir Photo Shoots, pole-dancing parties, Sex and the City and Gossip Girl tours. As the Daily Gotham observed, it is “not your mother’s Planned Parenthood fundraiser.” That phrase omits a few waves of feminism, but you see the point — the raunch gets flaunted more and more. And — surprise, surprise — Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, isn’t quite apple pie.

I’ll leave your Sex Museum party alone if you keep my money away from it, thank you.

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