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by Matthew Shaffer


Bret Schaefer wonders, in the wake of the massacre at Duékoué, what U.N. peacekeepers are doing wrong.

Robert VerBreuggen argues that AARP is essentially a money-making business.

Michael Knox Beran reviews Richard Brookhiser’s new documentary, Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton.

Conrad Black reevaluates the so-called Arab Spring.

Daniel Pipes blames Islamists, not Terry Jones, for the 43 murders in Afghanistan.

Jacob Mchangama worries that, despite the removal of the “defamation of religion” clause, the OIC still plans to chill free speech worldwide.

Clifford D. May observes that Libya is hardly the only place in the Mideast where innocents are slaughtered.

Kathryn Jean Lopez asks why we are funding Planned Parenthood.

Michael Barone doubts that Americans will tolerate a president who isn’t as serious about the deficit as Paul Ryan.

Jay Nordlinger improvises on “heartless conservatives,” Goldstone’s mea culpa, conservative tolerance vs. liberal tolerance, and more.

Victor Davis Hanson warns that the Libyan War could be a historically novel defeat for the United States. 

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