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Jen Rubin Diagnoses General Petraeus’s Appalling Statement on ‘Holy Qur’an’ Burning


. . . and in addition notes his penchant for making embarrassing assertions. Her summation:

 How then to explain Petraeus’s embarrassing deference to jihadist murderers? In light of his earlier gaffe on Israel I think there is something larger at play than a single incident and the desire to mollify the population around his troops. Petraeus is steeped in the ethos of what passes for elite foreign policy opinion and jargon. The notion that Israel’s “intransigence” poses a danger to the United States and that we mustn’t do things to get the jihadists “mad” at us are both straight from the same playbook used by State Department and liberal academics. We think of the Defense Department constantly at odds with State. And that is certainly the case on a range of turf issues. But modern generals are now ambassadors, negotiators and PR men. Unfortunately, in those roles they tend to mouth the very same pabulum that the State Department churns out.


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