by Jonah Goldberg

First of all, I just sent the G-File (Now, with More Hegel!) to the bowels of NRHQ, so it should be out on time, today (which is to say technically 24 hours late). There’s still time to sign up.

Also, I have several announcements at the bottom of today’s “News” letter so I figured I’d just cut and paste them here:

I will be at the University of Minnesota on Monday giving a talk at 7:00 PM co-sponsored by my buddies at C-Fact and the Minnesota Republic. It’s open to the public so come on down, or up, or whatever. Coffman Memorial Union, President’s Room, 3rd floor. Parking in the East River Road Ramp. If tradition holds there will be beers after.

On Wednesday I’ll be at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. I’m not entirely sure why they want me back to give essentially the same speech I gave two years ago at UNC, but I’m happy to do it (and I’ll certainly mix things up a bit). It’s also at 7:00 p.m. in Carroll Hall, Room 111.

Finally, some of you may have seen the, er, “comedy nights” that Mark Steyn, Rob Long, and yours truly have put on at various NR events. Whether you guys enjoyed them or not, we certainly did. So, we decided to start a podcast where the three of us talk. It’s entirely unscripted. Not only did we not know the topics beforehand, we didn’t really know them after either. The first is up over at Ricochet (alas behind a paywall), but you can get a preview here. Judging by the comments, it seems one of the central debates is whether I laugh like a dolphin or a goat. Check it out — if you dare!

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