Ryan on Shutdown Deal: ‘I Feel Like We Had a Pretty Good Outcome’

by Robert Costa

Reflecting on the near government shutdown, Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), the House Budget Committee chairman, defended the House GOP’s maneuvering this morning on NBC’s Meet the Press. “I feel like we had a pretty good outcome,” he said. “We represented one-third of the negotiators, but we got two-thirds of the spending cuts we were asking for.” He tempered his praise by acknowledging that the cuts are “still a drop in the bucket.”

Ryan argued that the real fiscal battles are still to come. “We want to move from talking about saving billions of dollars to going on to saving trillions of dollars,” he said. The upcoming debt-ceiling vote, he noted, will be an important front. “We believe, accompanying any debt ceiling, you need real fiscal reforms — real spending cuts and real spending controls.”

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