Here Comes A Debt Ceiling Fight

by Jonah Goldberg

Boehner in Monday’s USAT:

President Obama also wants a debt limit increase, but says spending cuts and budget reforms shouldn’t be attached to it. Americans will not stand for that. We must follow their will.

More of the same spending, taxing and borrowing will not make our economy stronger or our future brighter. This is why the spending cut agreement is important. While not nearly enough, these cuts represent a first step in taking our nation off the path to national bankruptcy, to giving employers the confidence they need to expand their businesses, and to sparing our children of lives indebted to foreign countries such as China.

Republicans control only one-half of one branch of the federal government, but we are committed to using our limited power to maximum effect in the effort to end the uncertainty facing job creators and put our economy back on a path to job creation and prosperity.

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