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Re: Hoo Boy, Wisconsin’s Going to Get Ugly Uglier


Dan: It doesn’t matter if Ramona “The ‘Jibe’ Lady” Kitzinger recants, or says she’s confused, or pours Jello down her pants and runs around Brookfield. On the night of the election, the City of Brookfield sent their numbers to at least two entities — Waukesha county clerk Kathy Nickolaus and the Brookfield Patch, a small independent newspaper run by former Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Lisa Sink. Later that night, the Brookfield Patch published the numbers — the very same numbers that Kathy Nickolaus forgot to report to the Associated Press that same evening.

So there wasn’t anything even remotely wrong with the voting itself. Nickolaus’s error was simply in the reporting of the legally cast votes. The votes are all there and safely accounted for — the only real issue is that when the AP says poll results are “unofficial,” nobody really seems to care. (Incidentally, if misleading the Associated Press were actually a crime, most of America’s elected officials would be serving life sentences.)

Of course, this hasn’t kept the Left from taking lunacy to new heights. Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin has actually called for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the matter. Former Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Ed Garvey doesn’t want a recount, he wants a full re-vote. Wisconsin’s basements are illuminated with the glow of Huffington Post commentators pitching all manner of conspiracy theories.

The reason they want to stoke the vote-fraud flames? Easy — it’s good for business. Check out this fundraising letter from the liberal group One Wisconsin Now, which was posted on their website just hours after Nickolaus’s error was uncovered:

Tuesday, the people of Wisconsin took away David Prosser’s seat on the Supreme Court. And yesterday, the Waukesha County Clerk, Kathy Nickolaus, served as Prosser’s sleazy accomplice trying to steal it back.

We have had to endure lies and treachery in Fitzwalkerstan, but nothing like this. The actual attempted theft of an election.

Here’s what we had dug up and some of what our team also put together over night. First and foremost, Nickolaus worked for the Assembly Republican Caucus when Prosser was the Assembly Leader. You don’t have to be a political scientist professor to know this means Prosser was her boss. Now, she implausibly finds 7,500 more votes for Prosser…

We moved quickly at One Wisconsin Now, and we will continue this work. But we need your help. Please support our ongoing Judicial Integrity and Ethics Project. Consider a $72 contribution to support our work in all 72 Wisconsin counties.

So if things get uglier, it’s only to further the charade that something untoward happened in Waukesha. Furthermore, it seems likely that David Prosser will be back to his job before Kathy Nickolaus returns to hers.


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