Trump Open to Independent Run

by Katrina Trinko

Donald Trump is likely to run as a third-party candidate if he doesn’t win the GOP nomination.

“I’m thinking about that. And that bothers me, because I’m very conservative,” Trump told the Wall Street Journal in an interview released last night, saying that if he ran as independent, he would probably take votes from the GOP candidate, unlike someone like New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who could win votes from Obama.

“To be honest with you, I think it would be very, very bad for the Republican party,” Trump said, talking about how some polls showed him getting as much as 29 percent of votes if he ran as Independent.  “I’m sort of convinced that I could win as an Independent.”

“I hate what’s happening with the country. We’re not respected by anybody. Our leadership is not respected,” said Trump on his reasons for considering a presidential run.

Asked about his thoughts on his second place showing among possible 2012 contenders in a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, Trump appeared unenthusiastic. “Second’s never been great as far as I’ve been concerned,” he remarked, but then pointed out that he hadn’t begun campaigning.

Talking about the GOP field, Trump singled out Sarah Palin, saying that she “was so nice and so gracious to me on the birther issue. She really thought that I was doing a great service by what I’m doing on that issue.”

He also made it clear that he has no intention of dropping the issue of Obama’s birth place.

Trump fought back against the claims that he would not run because he wouldn’t be willing to disclose his financial situation. “I would be proud to give those disclosures,” he said.

Trump said he would announce his decision about 2012 before June.

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