Cohen’s Not Buying It Any More

by Steven F. Hayward

WaPo columnist Richard Cohen, unlike E. J. Dionne, Harold Meyerson, and the rest of the left-leaning Post stable, clearly does not read his daily talking points from the Center for American Progress. He departs from the Obama-Is-Awesome party line again and again and again. Cohen’s attitude toward Obama increasingly reminds me of Ken Bode’s coverage of Jimmy Carter back in the late 1970s. Bode, another liberal, recognized Carter for the fraud he was/is, and lambasted him repeatedly in The New Republic and elsewhere.

Yesterday an exasperated Cohen said it’s time for Obama to show up:

The cliche of late has been the trope about “getting ahead of history.” Wonderful. I would settle for Obama just catching up with himself. . . Slogans such as “win the future” are rhetorical cotton candy. They melt in your mouth and leave nothing behind. The president needs to say explicitly what he wants and how he’s going to get there. “Change” won’t do anymore. It’s leadership we need.

That’s the sound of a seriously disillusioned liberal.

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