Why Henry Payne Writes for NRO

by Kathryn Jean Lopez


Why do I write for the NRO? Let me count the ways.

NRO reaches America’s best and brightest. NRO is an innovativeWeb presence that offers an immediate, 24-7 opinion forum on news at it unfolds. NRO’s editors are smart, engaging, never stuffy. NRO appreciates good reporting, not just polemics. NRO lets me write with wit and passion, an oasis in a desert of corporate journalism. NRO welcomes my Midwest perspective on American public policy.

Above all, NRO is a conservative icon true to Buckley’s pioneer spirit, encouraging a variety of commentary from satire to thoughtful punditry — which is why my cartoons and articles can be found in the same publication. I have written and drawn for NRO on everything from auto bailouts to Detroit cultural dysfunction to the Michigan presidential primary.

Where else can a journalist find such a canvas for wit, writing, and free-wheeling commentary? Perhaps in TheMichiganView.com, the state’s leading online commentary website, which I launched for theDetroit News a year ago. Its inspiration? The indispensable NRO.

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