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by Matthew Shaffer


Katrina Trinko unpacks the political consequences of “paycheck protection” in Wisconsin.

David Klinghoffer observes the disconnect between the proven efficacy of adult stem cells, and the media’s fixation on embryonic stem cells.

Victor Davis Hanson lists twelve reasons why war in Iraq in 2003 made more sense than kinetic action in Libya in 2011.

Michael Tanner worries that the focus on the debt obscures the more fundamental debate about the proper scope of government.

Conrad Black argues that the official number underrate inflation: Nations have been devaluing their currency in union.

Robert Levy sees no necessary ideological division: onerous licensing regulations for interior designers are bad from every perspective.

NRO’s unpaid writers explain why they donate their time — and you should donate your money.

Jay Cost handicaps the Republicans’ 2012 horses for Kathryn Jean Lopez.

John Miller excerpts from his new book, The Big Scrum: How Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football, with a reflection on the overemphasis on safety.

Thomas Sowell finds only one justification for taxes: raising revenue, not symbolic confiscation.

Michelle Malkin wants our antiquated retirement age to get with the times.

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