A Modest Budget Proposal

by Peter Kirsanow

Here’s a  therapeutic exercise for Americans frustrated and angry about the unserious budget cuts coming out of Washington: Draft and submit your own budget resolutions to members of congress. An example:


Resolved: Any federal employee who, in anticipation of the government shutdown that was scheduled for April 8, 2011, was identified as a “non- essential employee” by his respective agency or department, shall be laid off within sixty (60) days from passage hereof, unless prior to such time such department or agency shows cause why the subject employee must be retained on the payroll.

“Cause” shall mean a preponderance of evidence showing that the defense of the United States and /or the safety of its citizens will be seriously jeopardized should the subject employee be laid off;

Provided, however, that no “cause” shall be sufficient to retain an employee absent documentation satisfactory to, and calculations certified by, the Congressional Budget Office and a majority of a committee consisting of  Mark Steyn, Andrew McCarthy and Kevin Williamson, that continued employment of the subject employee shall not add to the deficit in any year of employment or raise total federal expenditures above that of Fiscal Year 2007, in constant 2007 dollars.

Admittedly, some of the modifiers above could use tweaking and there may be a penumbra or two that could be problematic, but you get the idea. Go ahead, try this at home. There are resolutions waiting to be written for Medicare, Social Security and all manner of expenditures of questionable constitutional validity. Odds are your draft resolution will make far more sense than anything coming out of the Beltway.

And, maybe, just maybe, it will give some member ofCongress some ideas.

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