‘He’s Making That Up’

by Andrew Stiles

Rep. James Lankford (R., Okla.), a freshman member of the House Budget Committee, discussed his reaction to President Obama’s deficit speech with NRO:

We’ve already released our budget, and people in the street are saying ‘Finally somebody is being serious,’ and so he runs up to the front and say ‘Me too, I’m the leader, and now I’m going to take the lead on this thing,’ when in reality the Senate has already written him a letter saying ‘Please, Mr. President, you’re ignoring the entitlements, come to the table on entitlements.’

The House puts out a serious plan, and now he’s going to come running out, attack our plan and say ‘Look, I’ve got the answer.’ Well, welcome to the table. Glad you’re here. But you can’t just run to the front of a moving crowd and say ‘I’m the leader.’ You’ve got to actually lead…

What the president said today about all these dramatic cuts to programs, he’s making that up. That’s not really in the budget. He’s just making assumptions, based on the individual [spending] categories, because it sells well…The president knows and our members know that a budget is a framework. It doesn’t fill in the details, appropriations does. So when the president is outlining all these grave details, that’s not what a budget does and he knows it.

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