Radio Free Boehner

by Michael Walsh

In the New York Post this morning, I add my voice to the chorus of we’ve-been-had disdain that is greeting Speaker Boehner’s fraudulent budget “cuts.”

“Meaningful cuts” was, after all, the GOP mantra going into the talks — but what they came away with was a handful of sand. The Congressional Budget Office reported yesterday that the deal ac tually trims just $352 million from this year’s outlays instead of the advertised $38.5 billion.

Boehner, the perpetually tanned, rested and ready speaker, punted on the conservative base’s hot-button issues, including defunding of Planned Parenthood and NPR, settling instead for an on-the-record vote about them down the road.

“We only hold one half of one-third of the federal government,” he likes to say — and while that might be realistic, it’s also defeatist…

The Stupid Party in word, in deed and in person. But wait! There’s more!

The voters who threw out the Democrats in near-record numbers wanted an end to ObamaCare and a hardheaded approach to reducing the size of government. They wanted a return to the principles of self-reliance and personal responsibility, and made it clear to the politicians that they were prepared to sacrifice for it.

They expected Boehner’s Republicans to deliver — not everything, and not all at once; politics still is the art of the possible. But they wanted to see combat, not watch a fixed fight.

If Boehner can’t deliver anything but empty promises, look for a leadership revolution in his caucus before too long.

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