Re: Radio Free Boehner

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Thanks, Mike, but no “victory laps” from me. Being right about our side’s guys being wrong when we’re falling off a cliff is not cause for celebration. 

I have misgivings about the Ryan plan. As Obama’s speech yesterday shows, small government conservatives are going to be viciously demagogued no matter how earnestly they struggle to preserve entitlement programs while bringing them into line with economic reality. So I really don’t understand the point: Why not dismantle them, with the caveats that there will be a period of transition (i.e., current seniors would not be affected) and, ultimately, a straight-up, undisguised welfare program for those who truly cannot fend for themselves — for which we will pay a commensurate tax but otherwise keep our own money to fend for ourselves? It’s not like the political attacks could be any worse than the insane things the Left is saying now.

But that aside, my sense is that Rep. Ryan is a very serious guy with a very serious brain making a real adult effort to deal with an existential crisis. I’m glad he’s there, and I hope leadership is taking notes.

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