Kasich Will Back Barbour

by Katrina Trinko

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has stated that he will back Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour if he decides to run for president. From the Los Angeles Times:

Kasich’s support is a tangible benefit of the Mississippi governor’s leadership of the Republican Governors Assn. Under Barbour, the RGA spent $50 million last year in 10 states it described as keys to the 2012 presidential election, flipping control from Democrat to Republican in seven, including Ohio.

“I will be for Haley if he runs because he’s been so helpful to me,” Kasich said in an interview at his Capitol office in Columbus.

In a CNN poll released a few days ago, support for Barbour didn’t even reach 1 percent. But it’s widely believed that his extensive political connections could ultimately give him a significant advantage over the other candidates.

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