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GOP Whip McCarthy Staffer: Republicans who oppose the CR are like Hanoi Jane Fonda


From the National Journal’s Reid Wilson:

A top aide to House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy on Thursday suggested Republicans who have problems with the continuing resolution hitting the floor Thursday are committing a sin akin to Jane Fonda heading to Vietnam.

In an email to chiefs of staff sent Thursday morning, Pete Meachum, McCarthy’s director of member services, forwarded a link to a Weekly Standard post praising the continuing resolution. Those who are using opposition to the resolution to better position themselves are hurting the fight, he implied.

”For the handwringers out there, buck up,” Meachum wrote. “For those seeking other office please campaign at home, not on the backs of your colleagues.” 
Meachum linked the last four words to this website featuring photos of “Jane Fonda A.K.A. Hanoi Jane.”

In a follow-up email sent an hour later, Meachum acknowledged he had crossed the line….”I sincerely apologize, my email was not approved by anyone in our office or Mr. McCarthy. Please speak to me personally if you’d like to discuss further,” he wrote. . . .

[CORRECTION BY ACM: I originally attributed the paragraph below to the National Journal's Reid Wilson. In fact, It comes from David Freddoso at the San Francisco Examiner. David did a separate post which largely excerpted Reid Wilson's post. The Freddoso post included the paragraph below, which begins with the word "UPDATE." It looked to me like it was just a continuation of David's excerpt from the Wilson blog. I am told, however, that it is David's own reporting -- i.e., where it says Congressman McCarthy's office "emailed me," the "me" in question is Freddoso (and the Examiner), not Reid (and the National Journal).]

 UPDATE: McCarthy’s office is clearly sensitive to this, as they emailed me within moments of this post going up: “This was a regrettable decision made by one of our staff members, who sent an email acting independently and without the approval of the office or Congressman McCarthy.  He realized it was a mistake and immediately apologized.”



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