Rand Paul Cheers on CR Revolt: ‘We Are Not Yet Serious in Washington’

by Robert Costa

Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) tells National Review Online that he supports the 59 House Republicans who broke with leadership and opposed the Boehner-White House spending deal this afternoon. “Are we really cutting anything? What have we cut?” he asks. “The people back home want to know whether we are spending more money this year than last year. I try to look at it in those terms. And I think the people are with us.”

Paul took to the Senate floor earlier today to chastise both parties for how they handled the CR. “The budget bill that we’re talking about has now been scored by the CBO, and it will cut almost nothing, maybe a couple hundred million dollars,” he observed. “It will increase defense spending by $8 billion and it will cut spending by $8 billion. The net is about zero.”

“Our deficit this year will be bigger than last year. Our overall spending will be bigger this year than last year,” he continued. “We are not yet serious in Washington. We have not yet here recognized the severity, the enormity and the significance of how big this deficit is.”

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