My War on Iowa

by Rich Lowry

On Fox the other day, I said I doubted that Donald Trump would have the patience to go to Iowa and suffer fools gladly. Apparently this has caused upset in Iowa. I’m told I’ve been attacked by one talk radio host in the state and just got off the phone with another one very insulted that I would attack Iowans so. There are two things to say about this: 1) It’s definitely a blow to my standing in the caucuses and I will now probably have to skip Iowa on my path to the presidency (for the record: there are absolutely no fools in New Hampshire); 2) Of course, I was speaking of the lot of the presidential candidate in general, who will encounter some fools and have to suffer them gladly wherever he goes in these great United States. (By the way, my real problem with Iowans is that they take the rest of us for fools.)

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