Conventional Beltway ‘Wisdom’ on the Budget Deal, Cont’d

by Peter Kirsanow

Some in the political class maintain that Americans frustrated with the budget deal are shortsighted. The “real” battles are the debt ceiling and the FY 2012 budget.

The narrative is that Republicans couldn’t have done better on the CR because

  • they only control the House;
  • the media would’ve blamed them for the shutdown; and
  • such blame would hamstring their political ability to get greater cuts and reforms in the FY 2012 budget.

So now, having gotten the sideshow of the CR behind them, Republicans supposedly can concentrate on securing the big cuts in FY 2012. Or so the narrative goes.

Precisely how well will that work? How has Republican bargaining leverage now changed for the better going into the next round of negotiations?

  • Will Republicans now control both houses and the presidency?
  • Will the media not blame the Republicans for any future shutdowns?
  • How credible will any future Republican threats be now that Democrats have seen Republicans blink — particularly when they blinked when the political stakes arguably were much lower?

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