Conservatives Shouldn’t Get Their Hopes Up for the 2012 Budget, Cont’d

by Peter Kirsanow

I’ve been receiving correspondence from friends who are Beltway sophisticates (who, for some reason, take umbrage at being called Beltway sophisticates) disputing that Republican capitulation on the CR will harm their bargaining posture for the FY 2012 budget and beyond. I thought my point was Bargaining 101. But since my point doesn’t appear to be crystal clear to the sophisticates, let’s try an allegory:

Beltway Sophisticate (“BS”) walks into a bank in D.C. He looks menacing and the teller quakes in apprehension. BS announces to the teller that he has no weapons and has handcuffed himself, but he nonetheless wants the teller to hand over $10,000. Teller, after a hysterical fit of laughter, refuses to hand over the dough and sends an alert with BS’s description to the other branches.

Undaunted, BS walks into a nearby branch a few weeks later and pulls the same stunt, but this time demands $1,000,000. He stomps his feet and says this time he really wants the money. The teller yawns and motions to two off-duty cops who haul BS away.

Just in case it’s still not clear — in the present case the cops are the voters.

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