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by Matthew Shaffer

Deroy Murdock warns that the federal government’s accounting tricks would earn jail-time in the private sector.

Daniel Foster takes us behind the scenes of the financing, production, and future plans for Atlas Shrugged the movie.

Jay Nordlinger explains why he gives to National Review, and you should, too.

John J. Miller excerpts from his latest, The Big Scrum: How Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football, with a reflection on safety and the law.

Michelle Malkin reports on the latest government effort to increase American dependency.

George Cassidy recalls how confiscatory taxes on the super wealthy spelled the Beatles — and the London music scene’s — downfall.

Mona Charen summarizes Obama’s recent deficit speech: more of the same.

Charles Krauthammer defends Republicans refusal to budge on taxes until spending cuts are in place.

Hans A. von Spakovsky welcomes the 9th circuit’s opposition to the Arizona immigration law: What better proof of its constitutionality?

Anne Bayefsky unpacks the troubling ideas implicit in Amb. Susan Rice’s most recent speech.

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