Go, Luis, Go!

by Mark Krikorian

from The Hill:

A liberal House Democrat warned Monday that he could withhold support for President Obama next year if the White House doesn’t do more on immigration reform.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who represents sections of Obama’s political base of Chicago, told MSNBC he wants to root for Obama in 2012, but the president’s record on immigration reform has left the Illinois Democrat weighing his options. Gutierrez said he remains “undecided” about his favored candidate next year.

Of course, Gutierrez isn’t just a “liberal House Democrat . . . who represents sections of Obama’s political base in Chicago” — he’s claiming the role of president of Hispanic America, which is why amnesty is so important to him, despite his Puerto Rican background (he’s a former official of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party).

And this was especially telling:

According to the Chicago Tribune, the lawmaker told a large crowd at Lincoln United Methodist Church in Chicago that Obama should use his executive powers to stop the deportation of people with children who are U.S. citizens. 

In other words, to get Gutierrez’s endorsement Obama should risk impeachment by unilaterally amnestying millions of illegal aliens without congressional approval. Don’t hold your breath, Luis.

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