President Obama and Tax Fairness

by Peter Kirsanow

Jim Geraghty noted yesterday that according to Gallup, half of Americans think their federal-income-tax payments are too high. Forty- three percent of Americans think the amount they pay in federal income taxes is “just right.” The latter figure dovetails with a Bloomberg report that 45 percent of households owed no federal income tax for 2010.

The president, however, insists that taxes must be raised on the “rich,” in part for reasons of  ”fairness.” It doesn’t appear that any reporters have ever asked the president what, precisely, is fair about raising taxes on those already paying the bulk of federal income taxes while exempting nearly half of Americans.

Does the president consider the arrangement fair because those who pay no income taxes use no government services? Unlikely. It’s probable a case can be made that those who pay no federal income taxes access government services at least as much as those who do pay — especially as it pertains to direct benefits and transfer payments.

Nonetheless, the president’s notion of tax “fairness” has a certain logic.

Consider: You, Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer, are paying taxes that will go toward paying the wages of a public employee who pays little or no income tax and a portion of whose wages is automatically deducted and remitted to a union that will contribute that deduction to the billion-dollar reelection campaign of President Obama, who wants to raise your taxes even more so he can hire more public employees who will pay little or no income tax, thus increasing the deficit and national debt upon which we will have to pay more interest, thereby retarding the economic recovery and resulting in more people remaining unemployed and paying no taxes while continuing to access government services and entitlements that can only be provided by expanding such services and entitlements and hiring additional public workers who pay little or no income tax but whose additional dues deductions will insure the reelection of President Obama, who will call for yet another round of tax increases for principles of “fairness.”

So, since you, Mr.& Mrs. Taxpayer, are indeed the source of our financial mess, it’s only fair that you pay more taxes.

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