Go Vikings

by John J. Miller

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings enjoy The Big Scrum. Vikings Gab:

[T]his book is fantastic… Whether you are a fan of high school, college, or professional football you will finish this book having even more appreciation for the sport that you love.

Football players, coaches, and spectators will all enjoy this book equally no matter what age.  If you don’t even like football and are simply a history buff, or even a student looking for a good history topic, then you will be tickled pink to read about a moment in America’s past that I cannot believe has never been written about until now. …

Miller does a fantastic job of weaving the story of football’s growth in American culture and Teddy Roosevelt’s rise to power and love for the sport, all the while cleverly ensuring that the story is just as timely and important to us today as it was 100 years ago. …

Miller has a way of making a story, with plenty of potential to be presented in a dull fashion, come alive with fun details and fascinating twists.  His narrative is conversational in a way that is all too rare in the history book world.

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