On the Home Page

by Matthew Shaffer

NRO hosts a symposium of old hands and godfathers of the conservative movement remembering Bill Rusher.

William F. Buckley Jr. toasts Bill Rusher, with whom he has been recently reunited.

Ed Whelan unpacks the legal implications of Vaughn Walker’s recent disclosure.

Katrina Trinko measures the temperature of the Tea Party’s support for Tim Pawlenty.

Fred Thompson tells the true story of the Gucci loafers at the Iowa State Fair, and derives a lesson about political journalists.

Jonah Goldberg promises that National Review will do everything it can to be worthy of your support.

Dennis Prager urges Christians to exhibit solidarity with those persecuted in the Middle East.

Mona Charen observes that the government isn’t smart enough to effectively promote public health.

Thomas Sowell exposes the hypocrisy of those who claim they are against “bullying.”

Jay Nordlinger improvises on protesters in Syria, Obama in Latin America, Vittorio Arrigoni (killed) in Palestine, and Bill Rusher’s love for dessert and freedom.

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