Lucy’s Holding the Football Again for Charlie Brown

by Mark Krikorian

Obama revives immigration reform

Ha ha! The pro-amnesty groups keep falling for this line — what dupes. As Steve Martin told Darryl Hannah in Roxanne, “You still went to bed with him awfully fast! A few frilly words and you’re counting ceiling tiles.”

And here’s what the president said yesterday in a TV interview:

“The question is going to be, are we going to be able to find some Republicans who can partner with me and others to get this done once and for all, instead of using it as a political football?”

Actually, back when Democrats controlled all branches of government, they couldn’t find enough Democrats to partner with to pass the Dream Act, let alone a “comprehensive” amnesty. I guess after starting a third Mideast war, deciding to try terrorists before military tribunals at Gitmo, and issuing signing statements, Barack W. Bush had to try to distract his leftist base somehow, and dangling the non-existent prospect of amnesty might do the trick.

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