On the Homepage

by Brian Bolduc

Robert Costa talks foreign policy with Sen. Marco Rubio.

Jonah Goldberg unearths Donald Trump’s flip-flops, scandals, and crotchets.

Michael Tanner debunks President Obama’s dubious budget claims.

Andrew Stiles notes that Kent Conrad, supposed budget hawk, is MIA.

Victor Davis Hanson argues the administration is encouraging bad behavior in the Arab world.

Andrew C. McCarthy asks why the Justice Department is giving some Islamists a walk.

Jim Lacey warns that without democratic reforms, Arab countries will erupt in violence.

Michelle Minton suggests we lower the legal drinking age to 18.

Lou Dolinar marks the anniversary of the BP oil spill by showing it wasn’t that bad.

Michelle Malkin shines light on President Obama’s shady 2008 campaign fundraising.

Daniel Pipes tells the story of Mohammed Bouazizi, who lit the Arab world aflame.

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