It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s Doleman!

by Mark Steyn

Yesterday I referred to an overseas reader’s letter on America’s appetite for the larger-than-life, and suggested that when the land of Superman, Wonder Woman, and King Kong embraced Big Government it was going to be the Biggest Government ever seen anywhere. Several correspondents chided me for constructing an entirely artificial link between the most lurid and extreme caricatures of American culture, like superheroes, and current political developments. Yeah, sure, whatever, but it had the glibness of crude metaphor so appealing to the lazy pundit. That is, until it ceased to be metaphorical:

Florida officials are investigating after an unemployment agency spent thousands in taxpayers’ money to give 6,000 superhero capes to the jobless.

Workforce Central Florida spent more than $14,000 on the red capes as part of its ‘Cape-A-Bility Challenge’ public relations campaign.

The campaign featured a cartoon character, ‘Dr Evil Unemployment,’ who needs to be vanquished.

Bonus question: Which foreign country were the 6,000 government-issue superhero capes made in?

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