Gingrich Distances Himself from Ryan Plan

by Katrina Trinko

Newt Gingrich will not be endorsing Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal. In a Facebook note, Gingrich credits Ryan for realizing that entitlement spending must be tackled, but makes it clear that he’s not behind Ryan’s proposal to transform Medicare by giving all senior citizens vouchers to purchase health insurance.

“One option is for Congress to move towards a 21st  Century personal Medicare system that would allow seniors to choose, on a voluntary basis, a more personal system with greater options for better care,” Gingrich said [emphasis added].

Under the Ryan budget, all Americans now younger than 55 would be required to use the new “voucherized” Medicare.

UPDATE: Andy McCarthy directed me to Gingrich’s March 2010 Facebook note on Ryan’s roadmap. Sounds like Gingrich was a bigger fan of Ryan when he wasn’t running for president. From that note:

Congressman Paul Ryan’s “A Roadmap for America’s Future” is a comprehensive, bold solution to America’s serious problem of rapidly rising debt. CBO scores the Roadmap reforms as achieving full solvency for Social Security and Medicare, and eliminating all long term federal deficits, balancing the federal budget for the long haul. The Roadmap includes tax reform with a low rate of 10% for most workers, and a maximum rate of 25%; health care reform that puts individuals in charge and leads to health retirement security in the future; and Social Security reform that empowers individuals to achieve financial independence. In the process, the Roadmap would restart the American jobs machine, and restore traditional American prosperity.

The Roadmap also proposed that Medicare be changed into a voucher system for those 55 and under.


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