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Donald Trump Calls Krauthammer, Who Concludes He’s “Absolutely” Running


On Special Report tonight, Charles Krauthammer revealed that Donald Trump placed a call to him after Krauthammer had repeatedly slammed the celebrity developer, as the Republican Al Sharpton among other things. When he learned who was on the other end of the line, Krauthammer said he felt he’d have to put on “a helmet and a flak jacket.” But Trump was “very courteous” and “made his case,” arguing that “I’m a serious business man, a serious man, a serious candidate.” The two had a full and frank exchange of views, including on Trump’s birtherism. But “the tone was no worse than Juan and me” every night, according to Krauthammer.  ”At the end,” Krauthammer said, “I felt I ought to tell him my column was going to be even worse than what I said about him on television.” Krauthammer concluded that Trump is “absolutely” running for president: “I give him credit for his sincerity.”