Matt Miller’s Chutzpah

by Ramesh Ponnuru

Matt Miller is exercised–to the point of considering self-immolation–over the fact that, as he puts it, “The House Republican budget adds $6 trillion to the debt in the next decade yet the GOP is balking at raising the debt limit.” This is “chutzpah,” “complacency,” etc. Miller allows that Obama’s plan is “no better on the debt” (actually, it’s worse). “But at least Democrats aren’t rattling markets by hypocritically holding the debt limit hostage while planning to add trillions in fresh debt themselves.”

So, to review: Miller thinks neither party is serious enough about cutting the deficit quickly. What he wants at the moment–very, very badly–is to increase the debt limit while attaching no spending-cut conditions to that increase. Oh, and to criticize the party that a) is seeking more deficit reduction and b) wants to use the debt-limit debate to achieve some deficit reduction. Miller should consider his public self-immolation performed.

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