Breaking: SCOTUS Denies Immediate Review to Obamacare Case

by Daniel Foster

The Supreme Court has denied a petition by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to bypass the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals and bring the constitutionality of Obamacare directly to the Supreme Court. The next step is to proceed via the regular order to oral arguments on May 10.

UPDATE: Here’s Cuccinelli’s statement:

“We asked the United States Supreme Court for expedited review of our lawsuit because Virginia and other states are already spending huge sums to implement their portions of the health care act, businesses are already making decisions about whether to cut or keep employee health plans, and citizens are in limbo until the Supreme Court rules.  Asking the court to expedite our lawsuit was about removing this crippling and costly uncertainty as quickly as possible.  We were gratified that both Republicans and Democrats in Virginia supported the effort to expedite.

“The Supreme Court rarely expedites cases under its Rule 11.  Expediting our case would have been the exception and so, although disappointing, this is not surprising. 

“We look forward to making our arguments in the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on the morning of May 10th here in Richmond.  This case’s logical end point is the Supreme Court.  It will simply have to make its way through the Fourth Circuit first,” Cuccinelli said.

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