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by NRO Staff

From Friday night’s Fox News All-Stars.

On the rise in gas prices and President Obama’s announcement of a task force against “fraud or manipulation in the oil markets,” which will look at “the role of traders and speculators”:

The decline in the president’s popularity of two months is all gasoline. … It’s an immediate tax that you pay almost every week. You pay it directly. It hurts and you feel it.

It’s true for every president and they all have the same demagogic reaction. And 15 years ago almost to the week — [1996], end of April — Bill Clinton, experiencing a spike of gas prices to [a] shockingly high, $1.27, got Justice and Energy to investigate speculation of gouging. And nothing was found.

George Bush did the same in relation to the 2006 spike. He ordered the FTC to look into it. What was discovered? Nothing.

This is Obama doing the same. They all end up with the same reaction — blame speculators and start an investigation that you can predict today will show nothing. …

A small element [in the price rise] is the behavior of the Saudis who I’m sure in reaction to unhappiness with Obama policy on Egypt and the criticism of Saudi Arabia acting in Bahrain … slashed production instead of increasing it, raising prices and speculation.

Saudis in the month of March pumped almost one million barrels a day less [in] reaction to American policy.

On Obama sending drones to Libya:

Complete incoherence of the policy. Obviously, the only way that this can end well is if Qaddafi is out. Obviously, the administration does not want to do what it would take to actually have it end that way.

Two drones — two? We’re the largest power in the history of the world. We spend half a trillion dollars on defense. Two drones – you think that’s going to have an effect on the course of this war? It’s a gesture, it’s half-hearted, it’s like everything Obama has done in this war. I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic for involvement. But if you’re going to go in, you go in, you win. You win quickly, especially if you are pretending to be a humanitarian. People there are bleeding.

On the Obama administration’s response to intensifying protests in Syria:

The administration has just issued a statement, the president issued a statement, a very strong one – finally. This after two weeks of saying practically nothing, and even having at one point the secretary of state describing the thug who’s in charge of Syria as a reformer.

So at least the statement has come out but now there has to be action – resolution in the Security Council, sanctions, and a withdrawal of our ambassador. Otherwise it’s empty words.

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