Obama: Americans ‘Don’t Have Time’ to Talk Birther Conspiracies

by Katrina Trinko

In a press conference this morning, President Obama announced that he had released the birth certificate to end the “distraction” of the media focusing on and reporting about Obama’s birthplace.

Obama said that Americans “don’t have time” for these kind of news stories. Talking about the period two weeks ago when he and Rep. Paul Ryan were discussing and presenting their different budgets, Obama complained that the media had focused on the birther storyline, not the budgets.

“During that entire week, the monumental news story … was about my birth certificate,” Obama said.

Talking about the “enormous challenges” the country faces, including rising gas prices, high unemployment, and large deficits, Obama said the nation couldn’t fix those problems if Americans were “distracted by side shows and a carnival barker.”

Obama said that over the past two and a half years, he had “watched with bemusement” and been “puzzled” by the questions over his birth certificate, adding that he had posted certification of his birth online.

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