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by Matthew Shaffer

Andy McCarthy marvels at the absurdity of the legal profession, that al-Qaeda members warrant full defense, while same-sex marriage opposition is anathema.

Victor Davis Hanson is disturbed by a modern culture that makes us to say what we know ain’t true.

The Editors call for harsher condemnation, and full sanctions for the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Michael Tanner celebrates Gov. Gary Johnson as the anti-Trump — and a true, small-government conservative.

Katrina Trinko spots some indicators that Gov. Mitch Daniels will run for president.

Jim Lacey says it is time to declare victory and pull out of Afghanistan.

Michelle Malkin investigates what’s holding up the prosecution of mad Maxine.

Thomas Sowell highlights Walter Williams’ latest insights about race and economics.

Jonah Goldberg explores what’s cooling the push to stop global warming. 


Anne Morse talks with marriage experts about William and Kate’s defenses against divorce.

Bradley Scott approves Kate Middleton’s fashion sense.  

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