Professor Cornpone Revisited

by Jonathan H. Adler

The WSJ editorial board revisits their criticism of Newt Gingrich for advocating ethanol subsidies today. (See my prior posts here and here.) After he was attacked by the WSJ before, Gingrich declared that “I am not a lobbyist for ethanol, not for anyone.” That may be true, but the WSJ has now learned that one of Gingrich’s organizations received over $300,000 from the ethanol lobby for, among other things, saying nice things about ethanol and consulting  on “strategy and communication issues.” The Journal is quick to add that it has never accused Gingrich of having been bought on the issue, but it also notes “there wouldn’t be an ethanol lobby to hire Mr. Gingrich if there weren’t politicians like Mr. Gingrich willing to prop it up with taxpayer dollars, tariffs and mandates.”

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