Dueling Clerihews

by John Derbyshire

Around this time in the prez-election cycle, Mark Steyn & I do our dueling clerihews act. I’ll start the ball rolling.

Ron Paul
Has no respect at all.
The I.R.S., the Fed —
He’d kill ‘em both stone dead.
A Midwesterner named Tim?
Who’ll vote for him?
Lots of us, unless he
Picks a running mate named Jesse.
In fact, Minnesota
Has exceeded its quota.
Here’s fightin’ Michele —
Giving the lefties hell!
You have to like Mitt.
He has charm, smarts, and wit.
The GOP’s sweet dream,
If not for that health scheme.
Newt, the ex-Speaker,
Has prospects even bleaker.
His policies aren’t wrong:
It’s the singer, not the song.
Donald Trump
Is out on the stump —
A billion-net-worther
Who’s also a birther!
Herman Cain
Ran a famous pizza chain.
He was never caught flip-flopping
On the merits of a topping.

You want more? I got more. No, no, it’s no trouble, really …

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