Re ‘Obama Fundraises, Brushing Off Hecklers’

by Jay Nordlinger

Kate, you know I read everything you write, which is how I keep up with American politics. I have a question: It seems to me that Obama is always heckled, when he’s heckled, by the Left. Is he ever heckled by the Right? It seems to me that left-wingers heckle left-wing politicians, and left-wingers heckle right-wing politicians. Surely there are right-wing hecklers. Where are they? (They’re in my inbox, some of the time.)

Obama is pretty regularly heckled by those who think that he is stingy with AIDS funding; those who think that Bradley Manning, the Wikileaker, is being mistreated; and those who think that the continuing existence of the Guantanamo prison is a disgrace, or crime. Is he ever heckled by those who think that the “stimulus” was harmful, or that parents in ghettos should have school choice, or that he should have called Hugo Chávez something other than “mi amigo”?

How about the Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson (the Irish politician who presided over the Durban conference, that festival of Nazi-like hate)? Has anyone ever heckled him about that?

When Republican congressman Joe Wilson hollered, “You lie!” the media treated that as the biggest offense since the Kennedy assassination, or Sarah Palin’s most recent tweet. I don’t know. It seems to me that Republicans, all things considered, and with obvious exceptions, have been fairly polite. Or maybe I’m not reading enough news?

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