Kate & William: Trashing the Planet

by Andrew Stuttaford

As a reminder (as if we could ever forget) that the puritan instinct — even in a “fun” format — will always be with us, here’s the Daily Telegraph’s Louise Gray on the looming environmental disaster in London:

The royal wedding will generate more than ten times as much greenhouse gases than Buckingham Palace in a whole year, according to the first analysis of the carbon footprint of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton…The total was estimated by Landcare Research, who have developed an internationally recognised method of counting carbon emissions…The analysts did not calculate the carbon footprint of the ceremony itself and said it was just a “fun exercise” to highlight how carbon can be cut down.

…Already the couple have done a few small things to limit their footprint. Kate’s ring is reported to be made from Welsh gold rather than minerals from an exploitative mine. Her dress could also be ethical if she chooses vegan silk and organic Fairtrade cotton, although the most low carbon option of wearing a second hand dress or reworking something vintage is unlikely….

…The couple also declined to send virtual invitations or ask guest to wrap presents in reusable cloth rather than paper. Other advice on environmental weddings includes insisting appliances given as wedding presents are low energy, checking there are dual flush loos at the reception and asking guests to make jam or chutney instead of buying presents.

…Gary Hartley, from the Energy Saving Trust, said the best way for the couple to travel from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace is horse and cart…

As it happens, I believe that the happy couple will indeed be returning to Buckingham Palace in an equine-powered Landau, a combo, which, is in essence, horses and upmarket cart. The planet may yet survive . . .

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