Change You’d Better Believe In, Buster

by Michael Walsh

You wanted it, you voted for it, you got it. From my column today in the New York Post:

Having lost the House of Representatives in the last election, the Obama administration is now imposing “fundamental change” via executive order, regulatory fiat and political pressure. Talk about the unitary executive…

There follows a list of the various regulatory agency power grabs directed at private companies and the several states (EPA v. Shell Oil, Fish and Wildlife v. Texas, NLRB v. Boeing/S. Carolina), executive omnipotence (the bruited executive order in retaliation against the Citizens United Supreme Court decision), and old-fashioned interest-group pressure (DOMA and the King & Spalding fiasco).

In summation:

It all boils down to this: Are we to be a constitutional government with three distinct branches, or a single executive entity that makes policy, carries it out and decides for itself whether it’s constitutional or not?

That’s what the next presidential race is really all about.


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