Go Ahead, Enjoy It

by Nancy French

Turn on the television for commentary on who’s who in the wedding processional, go to Facebook for your closest thousand friends’ thoughts about the oh-so-traditional dress, and go to Twitter for info on William’s kissing his bride twice in front of the onlookers.

Though our country was born in an effort to rid itself of royalty and the oppression of inherited power, we can’t get enough coverage, commentary, and interpretation of that royal bloodline.

But I’m here to say to American conservatives . . . go ahead and enjoy it! There’s a lot for us to love in today’s wedding celebration.

In our modern era where we bounce from trend to trend, from celebrity to celebrity, and from style to style, weddings are popularly noteworthy only if they stick their thumbs in the eye of tradition. Sixty-five million people saw the wedding video, for example, of a Minnesota couple who danced down the aisle to “Forever . . . Yeah, Forever.” So, let’s allow ourselves to enjoy the fact that 2 billion people saw the royal wedding, which included exactly zero pairs of sunglasses and absolutely no bridal-party somersaults.

Today’s proceedings are inspirational, and not because they include dozens of people Americans can’t identify who look like lost Kentucky Derby attendees in their frilly hats. Instead, we are glued to our monitors because the wedding so deeply connects today to centuries of British history and honors two of England’s greatest institutions — church and military. And it doesn’t hurt matters that all of this tradition is gloriously wrapped around the most long lasting and fundamental of any cultural institution — marriage.

— Nancy French is the author of the upcoming Home and Away: A Story of Family in a Time of War and can be followed on Facebook here.

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