Honk If You Agree

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

I remember the smell of 9/11 in our offices. I remember the zombie-like looks from New Yorkers, as candles lined the streets, everywhere. Those missing signs. Church doors were open and crowded. I remember standing in front of Grand Central Station as people lined 42nd Street to applaud their president. Out of respect and gratitude. 

It was a sober, necessary patriotism. A civic catharsis.

Tonight — much of what I saw in the D.C. streets — was not the same. 

I appreciate justice, but I can’t break out the champagne. 

I keep thinking about those who have died in the ten years since 9/11, serving our country. I keep thinking of those who were murdered at the hands of terrorists. 

And that death is never a cause for celebration. 

We should always be uneasy about such things.


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