Bin Laden Summary

by Victor Davis Hanson

I think the following sort of sums up the status of the debate thus far over the mechanisms used to eliminate bin Laden:

Some plaintiffs “preventively detained” for an “indeterminate” period at “al-Qaeda’s chief recruiting tool” in a lame-duck Guantanamo offered critical information about bin Laden’s otherwise not very important “pawns” and “couriers”; some even did so after being subject to superfluous and not very legal “enhanced interrogation techniques.” We then dispatched a questionable “assassination” team into a sovereign nation without its consent, executed bin Laden and various unnamed others, praised our “partnership” with Pakistan, apparently for allowing bin Laden to live with impunity among their retired military for five years — and have finally established a narrative that the problem with Bush-era antiterrorism protocols was never their efficacy, morality, or legality, but simply the president who established them. Keep or expand the former, change the latter, and we have a new national consensus on the tools necessary in the War on Terror.

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