King Floats Rudy

by Robert Costa

Rep. Peter King (R., N.Y.) on 2012:

In coming days, he will urge former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani to jump into the race. Giuliani, he believes, would be able to carry a strong anti-terror message, one that could compete with Obama’s strengths.

“Giuliani is the only one capable,” King says. “He is the one who has the credibility. Rudy, on terrorism, is the full deal. He would be strong on Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen. He would also be strong on Guantanamo,” and on threats in “downtown New York and Minneapolis.”

“With people like Haley Barbour leaving the race, there is room for him to jump in. Someone with Rudy’s anti-terror credentials could get into this and do well. He has a cohesive, coherent view, one that would connect with voters. We need someone with a consistent theme.”

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